• authorization letter的疑惑
    大家好,外贸3年,今天遇到个困惑问题如下: 昨天到一家新客户询价,是尼泊尔的,报价后他要provide us the authorisation letter stating that we are authorised to sell the products you manufacture 问他为什么要出 authorization letter,他回复说: the requirement is for our client. all the suppliers must submit the authorization letter from the manufacturer no matter whatever the value is, otherwise they will not accept the proposal. further, we he been working with them for long time and all our partner manufacturers he been providing us the authorization letter for authenticity. therefore, please do proved us this. 请问大家有遇到类似的问题吗?这种情况要出还是不出呢?出了有什么风险,以后会有什么问题吗 谢谢~
  • 求EC21会员,帮看询盘邮箱,有酬劳
    我最近在看ec21的一些询盘,找到一些和我们公司产品相近的客户询盘,但是苦于不是会员,看不到邮箱,如果有哪位朋友是ec21的会员,可否帮我查下,每查一个邮箱,有酬劳,谢谢! 我的qq是1106414402
  • 外贸邮件中从报价到款的18个邮件模版!赶紧藏
    (是从其他地方看到的,所以就分享过来了,如果有看过的也很正常,并不是原创。觉得有用就藏下吧,顺便顶下 呵呵) 1. 向海外家推销商品 dear sir: may 1, 2008 inquiries regarding our new product, the deer mountain bike, he been coming in from all parts of the world. reports from users confirm what we knew before it was put on the market - that it is the best mountain bike ailable. enclosed is our brochure. yours faithfully 2. 提出询价 dear sir: jun.1, 2008 we received your promotional letter and brochure today. we believe that your would do well here in the u.s.a. kindly send us further details of your prices and terms of sale. we ask you to make every effort to quote at competitive prices in order to secure our business. we look forward to hearing from you soon.. truly 3. 向海外客户迅速报价 dear sir: june 4, 2008 thank you for your inquiry of june the 1st concerning the deer mountain bike. it gives us great pleasure to send along the technical information on the model together with the catalog and price list. after studying the prices and terms of trade, you will understand why we are working to capacity to meet the demand. we look forward to the opportunity of being of service of you. 交易的契机 4. 外贸报价如何讨价还价 dear sir: june 8, 2008 we he received your price lists and he studied it carefully. however, the price level in your quotation is too high for this market, if you are prepared to grant us a discount of 10% for a quantity of 200, we would agree to your offer. you should note that some price cut will justify itself by an increase in business. we hope to hear from you soon. yours truly 5-1 同意进口商的还价 dear sirs: june 12, 2008 thank you for your letter of june the 8th. we he accepted your offer on the terms suggested. enclosed our will find a special price list that we believe will meet your ideas of prices. you should note that the recent advances in raw materials he affected the cost of this product unforably. however, for your order we he kept our prices down. sincerely 5-2 拒绝进口商的还价 dear sirs: june 12, 2008 thank you for your letter of june the 8th. we regret that we cannot meet your terms. we must point out that the falling market here lees us little or no margin of profit. we must ask you for a keener price in respect to future orders. at present the best discount offered for a quantity of 200 is 5%. our current situation lees us little room to bargain. we hope you will reconsider the offer. truly 6. 正式提出订单 dear sir: june 15, 2008 we he discussed your offer of 5% and accept it on the terms quoted. we are prepared to give your product a trial, provided you can guarantee delivery on or before the 20th of september. the enclosed order is given strictly on this condition. we reserve the right of refusal of delivery and/or cancellation of the order after this date. truly 7. 确认订单 dear sir: june 20, 2008 thank you very much for your order of june 15 for 200 deer mountain bikes. we will make every possible effort to speed up delivery. we will advise you of the date of dispatch. we are at your service at all times. sincerely 8. 请求立信用证 gentlemen: june 18, 2008 thank you for your order no. 599. in order to execute it, please open an irrevocable l/c for the amount of us$ 50,000 in ou* **vor. this account shall be ailable until sep. 20. upon arrival of the l/c we will pack and ship the order as requested. sincerely 9. 通知已立信用证 dear sir: june 24, 2008 thank you for your letter of june 18 enclosing details of your terms. according to your request for opening an irrevocable l/c, we he instructed the beijing city commercial bank to open a credit for us$ 50,000 in you* **vor, valid until sep. 20. please advise us by fax when the order has been executed.