1.Facebook 的企业页只是一个网页,而不能直接进行销售,主要作用是宣传品牌和吸引客户访问企业的网站;

The official website of Facebook is only a page which is not for direct selling. It is mainly for promoting brands and attracting customers.


The products in the store enables you to share products with their fans.

3.商铺可以为fans 随时设定打折促销活动;

The stores can set promotion activities anytime for fans.


The stores have special hint button for the products checking by which we can  standard the custoemrs who are really interested in the goods to follow the steps of clicking the button firstly and then checking the pages.  Increase the store ranking result in Facebook in another way because the number of likes is an important standard for it.

5.专业的商铺展示直接传递产品信息给买家,并需要不停的优化页面,添加fans 来提升商铺的排名。让更多的潜在买家搜索到商铺。这一点企业专页是不具备的。

A professional shop show directly the product information to the buyers and they should frequently update the pages to increase rank by adding fans. Enable more potential buyers find the shop. And the company official website can't do this.

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