A: We can offer you this in different levels of quality.  B: Is there much of a difference in price ?

A: Yes ,the economy model is about 30% less.  B: We‘ll take that one .



A: Is this going to satisfy your requirements ? B: Actually , it is more than we need .

A: We can give you a little cheaper model .  B: Let me see the specifications for that .

A:这种符合合你的要求吗?  B:事实上,已超出我们所需要的。

A:我们可以提供你便宜一点的型式。  B:让我看看它的规格说明书吧。

A: You‘re asking too much for this part .   B: we have some cheaper ones .

A: What is the price difference ?   B: The basic model will cost about 10% less .

A:这零件你们要价太高了。   B:我们有便宜一点的。

A:价钱差多少?  B:基本型的便宜约10%左右。

A: How many different models of this do you offer?  B: We have five different ones .

A: Is there much of a price difference .   B: Yes, so we had better look over your specifications.

A:这个你们有多少种不同的型式。  B:五种

A:价钱有很大的差别吗?  B:是的,所以我们最好先把您的规格说明细看一遍。

A: The last order didn‘t work out too well for us   B: What was wrong?

A: We were developing too much waste .   B: I suggest you go up to our next higher price level.

A:上回订的货用起来不怎么顺。   B:有什么问题吗?

A:生产出来的废品太多了。   B:我建议您采用我们价格再高一级的货

A: Did the material work out well for you ?  B: Not really .

A: What was wrong?  B: We felt that the price was too high for the quality .

A:那些材料进行的顺利吗?  B:不怎么好。

A:怎么啦?  B:我们觉得以这样的品质价钱太高了。

A: Has our material been all right ?  B: I‘m afraid not .

A: Maybe you should order a little better quality   B: Yes, we might have to do that .

A:我们的原材料没问题吧?  B:有问题呢。

A:也许您应该买品质好一点的   B:是呀,恐怕只有这么做了。

A: I think you had better come out to the factory .  B: Is there something wrong .

A: Yes ,your last shipment wasn‘t up to par .  B: Let ‘s go out and have a look at it .

A:我看你最好走一趟工厂,  B:出了什么事吗。

A:嗯,你上次送去的货没有达到标准。  B:走,我们去看看?

A: I want you to look at this material   B: Is this from our last shipment ?

A: Yes ,it is .   B: I can see why you are having some problems with it .

A:我要你看看这材料!   B:这是上次叫的货吗?

A:是啊。  B:我明白为什么你用起来会有问题了。

A: I would suggest that you use this material instead of that .   B: But that costs more .

A: But you will get less waste from this .  B: We‘ll try it once .

A:我建议你改用这种替代那种。  B:可是那样成本较高。

A:但可以减少浪费。 B:那么就试一次看看吧。

Business is closed at this price. 交易就按此价敲定。
Your price inacceptable (unacceptable). 你方价格可以(不可以)接受。
Your price is feasible (infeasible). 你方价格是可行(不可行)的。
Your price is workable. 你们出价可行。
Your price is realistic (unrealistic). 你方价格合乎实际(不现实)。    
Your price is reasonable (unreasonable). 你方价格合理(不合理)。
Your price is practicable (impracticable). 你方价格是行得通的(行不通)。
Your price is attractive (not attractive). 你方价格有吸引力(无吸引力)。
Your price is inducing (not inducing). 你方价格有吸引力(无吸引力)。
Your price is convincing (not convincing). 你方价格有吸引力(无吸引力)。
Your price is competitive (not competitive). 你方价格有竞争力(无竞争力)。
The goods are (not) competitively priced. 此货的定价有(无)竞争力。
Price is turning high(low). 价格上涨(下跌)。
Price is high(low). 价格高(低)。
Price is rising (falling). 价格上升(下降)。
Price is up (down). 价格上涨(下跌)。
Price is looking up. 价格看涨。
Price has skyrocketed.价格猛涨.
Price has shot up. 价格飞涨。
Price has risen perpendicularly. 价格直线上升。
Price has risen in a spiral. 价格螺旋上升。
Price has hiked. 价格急剧抬高。
Your price is on the high side. 你方价格偏高。
Price has advanced. 价格已上涨。
The goods are priced too high. 货物定价太高。
Your price is rather stiff. 你方价格相当高。
Price is leveling off. 价格趋平。
Your price is prohibitive. 你方价格高得令人望而却步。
The Japanese yen is strengthening. 日圆坚挺。
The U.S. Dollar is weakening. 美圆疲软。
Your price is much higher than the price from U.K. France and Germany. 你方价格比英、法、德的都高。
Since the prices of the raw materials have been raised, Im afraid that we have to adjust the prices of our products accordingly. 由于原材料价格上涨,我们不得不对产品的价格做相应的调整。
Your price is $500/mt, twice of the other countries. 你们每公吨500美圆的价格是其他国家的两倍。
Is it possible for you to raise (lift) the price by 5%? 你们能否把价格提高5%?
Words and Phrases
ceiling price 最高价,顶价
maximum price 最高价
minimum price 最低价
average price 平均价格
base price 底价
rockbottom price 最低价
bedrock price 最低价
price 价格,定价,开价
priced 已标价的,有定价的
pricing 定价,标价
priced catalogue 定价目录
price of commodities 物价
pricing cost 定价成本
price card 价格目录
pricing method 定价方法
price list 定价政策,价格目录,价格单
pricing policy 定价政策
price format 价格目录,价格表
price tag 价格标签,标价条
price current (p.c.) 市价表

That''s unreasonable! I''d take it for (100¥.)
How about (100¥)?卖(一百块钱)如何?
I''d buy this if it were cheaper.
Lower the price, and I''ll consider it.
It''s a little overpriced.
I like everything about it except the price.
I''ve seen this cheaper (in) other places.
I heard other stores were having great mark-downs on this item.
If I buy more than one, will you give me a discount?

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