A: I think these patterns are quite good. Can you give me a price indication of these?

A: 我觉得这几个品种的花色不错。您能告诉我它们大概的价格吗?

B: Of course, it’s my pleasure. We’ll quote you the lowest price prevailing.

B: 可以,我非常满意。我会给你们报现行的最低价格。

A: Thank you very much. If your price is suitable, then we can make further discussion of contract.

A: 非常感谢。如果价钱合适的话我们就可以就合同内容进行下一步讨论。

B: Here is our price list, our terms are cash within three months of date of delivery, if you can pay it within one month, we’ll give you a discount of 10%.

B: 这是我们的价目表。我公司的付款条件是交货后三个月内支付现金,如果贵公司能在一个月内付清货款的话,我们还能再给您打九折。

A: Very good. How many goods do you have?

A: 非常好。请问您有多少件这种商品?

B: Can you tell me how many goods you intend to order?

B: 您能不能告诉我这种产品你们想订多少?

A: We want to order 900 dozen.

A: 我们想订900打。

B: The most we can offer you at present is 600 dozen.
B: 目前我们至多能提供600打。

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