A: I'm here to sign the agreement.

A: 我前来签署这份协议。

B: I'm sorry. The agreement hasn't been fully prepared. It will be ready by tomorrow.

B: 对不起,协议还没有完全准备好,请等到明天。

A: Can you speed it up and let us have it today?

A: 你能否加快一点,让我们今天拿到这个协议?

B: I'll try my best. Here is the draft. Would you please go over it and see if any modifications2 are needed?

B: 我一定会尽力。这是协议的草稿。您先过目一下,看是否还有需要补充的内容,好吗?

A: Let me have a look, well, it contains basically all we have agreed upon.

A: 让我看一下。协议基本上包括了我们商定的全部内容。

B: How about the terms concerning packing?

B: 包装方面的规定还有什么补充吗?

A: I don't think so.

A: 没有了。

B: If you totally agree, I'll type the agreement this evening and have it duplicated for signature.

B: 如您完全同意,我今晚把协议打好,并复印出来以便签字。

A: That's fine.

A: 这太好了。


1. Speed up 加快速度 例如:We have sped up the production, 我们已经加快了生产速度。

2. Try one's best (to do sth) 尽力做某事 例如:I'll try my best to complete the work. 我会尽力完成工作的。

3. Have sth duplicated 将......复印 to have sth done 让某人做某事例如:We have the machine repaired. 我们请人把机器修好了

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