A: We can offer you 5% discount.

A: 我方可以给贵方5%的折扣

B: Your price is rather out of line, much higher than we expected. We can’t buy with your offer.

B: 贵公司的价格与行情不符,比我方所预料的要高得多。我们不能接受这一价格。

A: Well, what do you suggest then? How about 8%?

A: 嗯,那你想减少多少?8%的折扣怎么样?

B: When we say your prices are much too high, we don’t mean they are higher only by 2 or 3 percent. If we are to place an order with you, I think a discount of about 15% would be sufficient.

B: 我们说你们的价格太高,并不是说仅仅高出2%或3%。如果我们要向你们订货,我认为大约15%的折扣倒还差不多。

A: What? You want to drive me bankrupt! You can’t expect us to make such a large reduction.

A: 什么?你想让我们公司破产吗?我们不可能打这么低的折扣。

B: There’s no point in making a counter offer because the gap is too great.

B: 由于相差太悬殊,讨价还价也没有什么意义。

A: How about 10%? This price is already a little tight, our profit margin1 is not that large.

A: 10%怎么样?这个价格已经有点勉强了,我们的利润没有那么高的。

B: OK. I can settle for that.

B: 好吧,成交。


1. sufficient 足够的,充分的

2. bankrupt 破产者,破产

3. counter 相反,起抵消作用的事物

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