机场迎接外宾 常用句子 1. You must be our long-expected guest Mr.Wilson from the U.S. 你一定是我们盼望已久的客人 , 从美国来的威尔逊先生吧 !/ 机上服务很好。今日相见荣幸之至。小姐 , 请帮我接威尔逊先生。

    机场迎接外宾(meeting foreign guests at the airport常用句子

    1. You must be our long-expected guestMr.Wilson from theU.S.你一定是我们盼望已久的客人,美国来的威尔逊先生吧!

    2. I'm happy to have the pleasure of meeting you.见到你很高兴。

    3. I'm delighted to meet you at last.很高兴,终于见到你了。

    4.I'm so pleased to have finally met you./It's been mypleasure meeting you./ It was nice to meet you.很高兴认识你。(道别用语)

    5.How was your journey?你旅途如何?

    6. I hope youve had a pleasant flight /trip旅途愉快吧!

    7.The in-flight service was satisfactory./The air service wassatisfactory.机上服务很令人满意。/机上服务很好。

    8. Weve been expecting you ever since you sent us the faxinforming us of your date of arrival.自从你把来访日程传真给我们以来,我们一直在期待着你的到来。

    9. And I'll be very happy if I can help you with anything如能为你效劳,我将很高兴。

    10. May I help you with your baggage/luggage?我替你拿行李好吗?

    11. I would like you to meet our managing director,Mr.Wang.我向你介绍一下我们的总经理王先生。

    12. I have been looking forward to meeting you.我一直盼着能见到你。

    13. I've heard so much about you.Glad to meet you.久闻大名。今日相见荣幸之至。

    14.Wellif it isnt Mr.Wilson.How are you?!这不是威尔逊先生吗?你好吗?

    15. Thank you very much for coming all the way to meet me inperson.谢谢你亲自过来接我。

    16. I would like to introduce you to Mr.Li我想把你介绍给李先生。

    17. I'm delighted to make your acquaintance.很高兴认识你。

    去宾馆On the way to hotel

    1.We have reserved a single room in your name.我们以你的名义预订了一个单间。

    2. The hotel is well appointed and conveniently located宾馆设施齐全,交通便利,位置优越。

    3.Iwould like to show you our tentative itinerary我想向你介绍一下我们初步拟订的活动日程。

    4. How would you like a room overlooking the sea?你喜欢可以看海的房间吗?

    5. We have a tight schedule for your short/brief stay.Ihopeyou don't mind.对你短暂的访问,我们为你安排的日程很紧,希望你不会介意。

    6.At your request, we have reserved the Ming House suite foryou, which is located in the Shanghai International Centerfor Cultural Exchange.遵照你的要求,我们为你预订了上海国际文化交流中心的明寓套房。

    7. We'll do everything we can to accommodate you and make you feel at home.我们将尽力为你服务,使你有一种宾至如归的感觉。

    8. If you should encounter anyinconveniencesplease do nothesitate to let me know, and I’ll be very glad to help youout.你若有不便之处,请随时直言相告。我很乐意为你排忧解难。

    9. You’ll certainly need a good rest after such a longflightPerhaps I should let you rest now.长途飞行之后你应好好休息一下。我就不打搅你休息了。

    10.Id like to confirm the room charge pernight.What's therent for it?我想确认一下每晚的房价是多少?

    11. I'm sorry I can’t give you a description of the hotel servicesin just a few words. Please ask the reception clerk fordetails.很报歉,宾馆服务无法用几句话就能说明,详细情况请咨询总台接待员。

    打电话making phone calls常用句子

    1. This is Mr. Wilson speaking. Who's calling?我是威尔逊。你是哪一位?

    2. May I speak to Mr. Wilson?请找威尔逊先生。

    3. Can I ask him to call you back when he's back?他回来后,我让他给你会电话,可以吗?

    4. Operator, would you please put me through to Mr.Wilson?小姐(先生),请帮我接威尔逊先生。

    5.He is on the other line.Can I take a message?他在接电话,我可以捎个信吗?

    6. Hold on,please. I'll find out the exact time of theappointment.请稍等(请别挂断)。我查一下约会的确切时间。

    7.May I have your name and phone number please?你可以留下姓名和电话吗?

    8. I'd like to make an appointment with you.我想和你预约一下。

    9.Tomorrow won’t do.I'm afraidbecause I have anotherprior appointment /engagement.明天恐怕不行,因为我已另有约会。

    10. Can we make it next Monday?我们定在下周一好吗?

    11.I want to have a talk with you about the plan.What timewould be convenient for you?我想和你谈谈这个计划,你什么时间合适?

    12. Mr.Wilson,what a nice surprise to talk to you威尔逊先生,接到你的电话真叫人惊喜。

    13. Then when can I reach him?那我何时可以找到他?

    14. I'd like to leave a message for him to call me back.Mynumber is 5812473extension 8374.我想留话让他给我回电话。我的号码是5812473转8374.

    在饭店(At A restaurant)常用句子

    1. Show me your menu,please请让我看一下你们的菜单。

    2. We’ve got a reservation for dinner this evening.I'm JohnHanks.我们预订了今晚的桌子。我叫约翰·汉克斯。

    3.Could you recommend your specialists?请向我们推荐一下你们的特色菜。

    4.What seasonal seafood do you have today?今天你们有什么时令海鲜?

    5. Are you ready to order now?你们准备好点什么菜了吗?

    6. How would you like it cooked?你喜欢什么火候的?

    7.Would you like tea or coffee?你喜欢喝茶还是咖啡?

    8. Please bring some mineral water.请拿些矿泉水来。

    9.Abalone slices with oyster sauce is the best of our kitchen蚝油鲍鱼片是我们厨房最拿手的好菜。

    10. I'd like/Id prefer/I’ll have/Ill order/Ill take a chickencurry.我想点一份咖喱鸡。

    11. Don’t stand on ceremony.Please help yourself to thedishes.不要客气。请随便吃菜。

    12. I’ll take a little more.It’s tasty,but I’m almost full我再来一点。太好吃了。但我快饱了。

    13. It's on me tonight./It's my treat tonight.今晚我请客。

    14. Make it Dutch./ Let's go Dutch.各付各的。

    15. We'd like to have separate checks.我们想分别付账。

    参观工厂Visiting A Factory)常用句子

    1.You do want to visit our manufacturing factory dont youMr. Hill?希尔先生,你想参观一下我们的工厂吗?

    2. I'd appreciate it if you could arrange for me to visit yourmanufacturers.如果你能安排我参观这家制造厂,那我太感谢了。

    3.Let me introduce Mr.Wangthe Deputy Director of thefactory.让我介绍一下王先生。王先生是我们厂的副厂长。

    4.On behalf of all our workers i welcome you to our plant我代表我们全体工人欢迎你们来我厂。

    5.Could you tell me how many workers you employ here?你能告诉我这个厂有多少工人吗?

    6. The factory has four workshops and a total of 600 workersand staff.我们厂有四个车间,六百个职工。

    7.Our plant employs a group of professional designers我们厂拥有一批专业的设计人员。

    8.What is the total annual output of the factory?贵厂年产量是多少?

    9.We have four plants throughout China,and this one is thesecond biggest. Its annual output is approximately24000tons.我们在全国有四个工厂,这是第二大的,其年生产量约为24 000吨。

    10. How many articles do you produce per shift?每个轮班你们能生产多少件?

    11. We’ve spent a great deal of money on equipment in thisplant.我们在本厂的设备上投下了大笔资金。

    12. Shall I give you a general picture of our factory before we

    see the workshops?在参观车间以前我是否可以先讲一讲我厂的概况?

    13. Basically there are three parts to the plant:the supply area,the assembly area and the dispatch area.厂区基本上分成三个部分:供货区、组装区和发货区。

    14. Quality control is an essential factor, and that is why we have our own quality control department.质量监督是一个至关重要的因素。我们的质监科就是为此而设立的。

    15. Wed like you to give us your honest opinion including any suggestions you may have for improvements我们希望你能真诚地提出意见与建议,以便我们改进。

    公司介绍(Company introduction)常用句子

    1. I work in the Silk Import & Export Corporationwhichemploys more than 100 people.我在丝绸进出口公司工作,我们公司有一百多名员工。

    2.Our office is on the fifth floor of the Foreign TradeBuilding.我们的办公室在外贸大楼五楼。

    3. Our aim is to create a world-famous brand and be one of the world's top 500 companies我们的目标是创立世界名牌,进入世界500强。

    4. Our corporation specializes in the export of textiles.我们公司专营纺织品的出口。

    5. We export our goods mainly to European market我们的产品主要出口到欧洲市场。

    6. We are a Sino-US joint venture with registered capital ofUS $1,000,000.我们是一家中美合资企业,注册资本为一百万美元

    7. Our company was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1990.我公司是1990年在香港股票交易所上市的。

    8.We have 15 retail outlets nationwideWenowcommand15% of the market in home appliances.我们在国内有15零售点。在家电市场上有15%的占有率。

    9. We are one of the largest importers of building materials in East Asia.我们是东亚地区最大的建材进口商之一。

    10.Apart from arts and craftswealso deal in/handle all kindsof furniture.除了工艺品,我们还经营各种家具。

    11. Our corporation was established/founded/formed/createdset up in 1964 and has now over twenty branches overseas我们公司创建于1964,现在国外有二十几个分公司。

    City Introduction AndSightseeing城市介绍和游览

    1. There are a lot of places that are worth visiting有很多值得参观的地方。

    2. I'd prefer to visit famous historical sites.我更喜欢参观名胜古迹。

    3. It's a garden in the traditional Victorian style这是一个传统的维多利亚式的花园。

    4. Now we are approaching the top of the mountain我们快到山顶了。

    5. The city enjoys a long history and a splendid culture.这座城市有着悠久的历史和灿烂的文化。

    6.I feel as if I were in a different world我觉得自己好像置身于一个世外桃源。

    7.We’re passing the oldest building in the city我们正经过这座城市最古老的建筑。

    8.This is an ideal place for sightseeing and shopping这儿是观光和购物的好去处。

    9. The Great Wall is a man-made wonder.长城是人造奇迹。

    10. This is the busiest street in the city.It's the commercial andcultural center of the city.这是本市最繁华的街道,是本市的商业文化中心。

    谈天气Talking About Weather常用句子

    1. It’s a lovely day,isn’t it?/Wonderful weather, isn’t it?天气不错,对吧!

    2. It looks like it's going to rain.天看起来要下雨。

    3.What's the weather forecast for tomorrow?明天的天气预报怎么说?

    4.The weather forecast says it's fair to cloudy天气预报说晴到多云。

    5.It looks as though a storm is brewing看来一场暴风雨就要来了。

    6. The wind is getting stronger/going down.风势在加强/减弱。

    7.I wonder what the weather is going to be like tomorrow.不知道明天天气怎么样。

    8. The rain is beginning to let up.雨开始变小了。

    9. We're going to have a cold spell.要来寒流了。

    10. Cloudy in the morning, overcast in the afternoon.上午多云,下午转阴。

    11. I'm not used to the hot and dry weather in Beijing我不太适应北京这种又热又干的气候。

    12. I hope the good weather will come back soon真希望天气快点好起来。

    13. I prefer sunny days to rainy days.我喜欢睛朗的日子,不太喜欢下雨的日子。

    14. The temperature seldom goes five degrees below zerocentigrade.温度很少降到零下五摄氏度。

    15. It must be the fog that makes one feel so chill.一定是大雾使人感到这么冷嗖嗖的


    1. It's a pity that you’re leaving so soon.真遗憾你这么快就要走了。

    2. It was great to see you again. I hope you have a good trip to Japan.又一次见到你很高兴,希望你的日本之行愉快。

    3. It’s time for us to say good-bye now.Thank you for all yourhelp.我们该分手了。谢谢你的一切帮助。

    4. I'm looking forward to seeing you again.我期望着再次见到你。

    5. I'm deeply impressed by what I’ve seen and heard duringthis visit.这次访问中的所见所闻给我留下了深刻的印象。

    6.I think well meet again soon.我想咱们会很快再见面的。

    7. It's time for you to board the plane/train/ship now你该上飞机/火车/轮船了。

    8. It's very nice of you to come all this way to see me off谢谢你专程赶来为我送行。

    9. Time goes so quickly.It looks as if you’d been here for onlyone day.时间过得真快。就好像你才来了一天的时间。

    10. We’re glad you have enjoyed your stay here.很高兴你在这儿过得很愉快。

    11. Don’t forget to look me up if you and Mr.Wang are ever in America.你和王先生要是到了美国的话,可别忘了来找我啊。

    欢迎词Welcome Speech常用句子

    1. Speaking on behalf of our company,I would like to say how delighted we have been to receive you here我代表我们公司表示非常高兴在这里接待你们。

    2.Ladies and gentlemen,I’d like to take this opportunity to say a few words.女士们、先生们,我想利用这个机会说几句话。

    3.On behalf of Sinochem I want to extend a warm welcome to you and to thank you for joining us tonight我代表中国化工进出口总公司向你们致以热烈的欢迎,感谢你们今天晚上光临我们的宴会。

    4. I would like to thank you for your kind words感谢你这番亲切友好的谈话。

    5.Let's drink a toast to the success of our negotiations.让我们为谈判的成功而干杯。

    6. I ask you to raise your glasses in a toast to the expansion of the trade between us.请大家举杯,为我们之间贸易的发展千杯。

    7.Ladies and gentlemen, let's drink to the success of this conference女士们、先生们,为祝贺大会成功干杯。

    8. We are sure your visit to China will be-rewarding我们相信,你这次中国之行将是有收获的。

    9.I hope your trip to China will mark the beginning of a long standing cooperation between us.我希望你们此次中国之行将标志着我们之间长期合作的开始。

    10. I'm greatly honored/privileged/It's my great honor/privilege to speak at this reception我为能在招待会上发表讲话而深感荣幸。

    11. I wish the conference a complete success!我预祝大会圆满成功!

    产品介绍Introduction Of Products常用句子

    1. We are glad to have the opportunity to introduce our newly

    developed product to you.很高兴能有此机会向贵公司介绍我们新开发的产品。

    2.We are supplying a full range of silk products to various countries我们向世界各国输出全系列的丝织品。

    3. We deal in a variety of household appliances such as TVsets,refrigerators,air-conditioners,microwave,ovens and so on.我们经营各种家用电子产品,如电视机、冰箱、空调,微波炉等等。

    4.Cosmetics are our best selling goods. They sell out fastevery year.我们的化妆品最好卖,每年都卖得很快。

    5.Our products are well received wherever they go.我们的产品无论到哪都深受欢迎。

    6. Because it’s good for people’s health, it has become moreand more popular.由于对健康有益,它越来越受欢迎。

    7.Our products range includes machine tools and householdelectrical appliances我们的产品系列包括机床和家电。

    8.Our products are available in various models and sizes.各种型号与尺寸的产品我们都有。

    9. We have been engaged in silk production for the past 50years.我公司从事丝织品生产已经有五十年了。

    10. Please just try and test the merits of our new product,andalso its own wonderful mobility!敬请测试本公司新产品的性能,以及它绝佳的机动性。

    11. The moisturizer we deal in was awarded a gold medal at an international expo我们经营的加湿器曾获国际展览会金奖。

    12. Our products have passed the ISO authentication last year我们的产品在去年通过ISO认证

    13. Products tend to go in and out of fashion in a shot time.产品很快入时又很快就过时了。

    询盘与报盘Enquiries And Offers常用句子

    1.Here's a list of our requirements.这儿有一份我们的需求清单。

    2. We have been thinking of placing an order if they’re the type we're looking for.我们在考虑,如果型号是我们所需的,我们就订货。

    3. Please let us know what discount you may grant us if we

    place an order for 10,000 tons?如果订购一万吨,你方会给多少折扣?

    4. May I know what particular items you are interested in?你们对哪种商品感兴趣?

    5. We want to find out if Article No.16 is available我们想了解十六号商品是否有货。

    6. Please let us have your lowest quotation on the basis of CFR


    7. I'll check how much we have in stock.我去查查我们还有多少库存

    8. We’ll place a big order if your price is acceptable


    9.We're working on your quotation and will contact you


    10.We will keep our offer open/valid/firm/effective/good for

    three days.我们的报价有效期为三天。


    1. We have no idea whether this product with new specifications will be marketable here.我们不知道这种新规格的产品在这里是否有销路。

    2. I'm afraid we’ll have a hard time persuading our users to accept the new specification.恐怕很难劝说我们的用户接受这个新规格的产品。

    3.Thank you very much for the catalogue s you sent to uswhich we find very informative.非常感谢你们寄来的产品目录,我们发现内容很丰富。

    4.We have a rich assortment. All around here are some samples of new designs.我们有很多花色品种,这里展出的都是新设计的样品

    5. For men's coats, we have four sizes, small,medium large, and extra large.男士外衣,我们有四种尺寸:小号、中号、大号和特大号。

    6.We can arrange production to meet national characteristics and habitual tastes of different countries我们可以根据不同国家的民族特点和风俗习惯来安排生产。

    7.We always keep an eye on customers’preference and make our products according to what our customers are likely to need want and like.我们总是密切注意客户的喜好,并根据客户的需求和爱好组织生产。

    8. The designs and colors of our products will almost exactly match your needs.我们产品的式样和颜色几乎完全符合你方的要求。

    9. Your products should be all up to the samples.你方产品必须与样品完全一致。

    10. Please submit specifications,preferably with illustrations.请告规格,最好附有图片说明。

    11. This product presents the top craftsmanship.这种产品代表了顶级的工艺水平。


    1.We usually don’t grant any discount for small quantities.通常情况下,对于小额订货我们是不给折扣的。

    2.Our price is in line with the prevailing/ruling international market.我们的价格与现行国际行情是一致的。

    3. Market is advancing/going-up/strengthening/rising


    4. Market is falling/dropping/going down/weakening行市下跌。

    5.Market is strong/firm/steady/active.市场坚挺/趋升/稳定/活跃。

    6.Market is easy/weak/gloomy/sluggish市场疲软/暗淡/呆滞。

    7.I wouldn’t have quoted you such a low price if it weren’t for a large quantity要不是数量大,我们还不会给你报这么低的价格呢。

    8. In view of our good cooperation over the past years,we are prepared to reduce our price by 2%.鉴于我们过去多年的友好合作,我们准备降价2%。

    9. The price has gone up 3% since July of last year.自去年七月份以来,价格上涨了 3%。

    10.One cannot take price separately from quality不能离开质量来谈价格。

    11. The best I can do is to give you a 2% commission.我最多只能给你2%的佣金

    12. I'm afraid there is not much room for further reduction我恐怕没有多大降价的余地。

    13. We would only consider a price reduction if the order is for20,000 tonnes or more.如果订购额达到20000吨或者更多,我们才能考虑减价问题。

    14. This is our rock bottom price. We can't lower it any


    包装Packing 常用句子

    1. The packaging must be seaworthy and strong enough to stand rough handling.包装必须适合海运,足够牢固,经得住野蛮装卸。

    2. The goods are to be packed in wooden cases containing 20dozen each.货物用木箱包装,每箱装20打。

    3.Cement is to be packed in double kraft-paper bags,each containing 50 kilos.水泥要用双层牛皮纸袋包装,每袋装50公斤。

    4. Pens are packed in paper boxes,10 pieces to one box.钢笔要用纸盒包装,每盒装10支。

    5.The packing of this article features novel design and diversified styles.这一产品的包装特点是设计新颖,形式多样。

    6. The new packing of the porcelain is in Chinese national style and suitable for display in supermarkets.陶瓷的包装具有中国特色,适合在超级市场上展销。

    7.Each package should be marked“Fragile”每件包装上都要标明“易碎品”。

    8. No name of country or trade mark is to appear on the outside containers.外箱上不应出现国名和商标

    9. The cases are to be marked with our initials in a diamond as usual.跟往常一样,箱子上要刷一菱形,内写我公司的首字母。

    10. Your packing must be improved.你们的包装必须改善。


    1. Could you consider prompt shipment for this lot?我们这批货能否考虑即期装运?

    2. We usually ship goods by regular liners.我们通常采用班轮运输。

    3. We'd like to accept your proposal to change the unloading port to Los Angeles.我们愿意接受你们的建议,把卸货港改成洛杉矶。

    4. Our customer requests the shipment be made in three equal lots. each every two months我们客户要求分三批等量装运,每两个月装一批。

    5.We will arrange shipment immediately after we receive your L/C.一收到你方信用证,我们会立刻安排装船。

    6.We could book shipping space onS.S.“Dongfeng”before the 10th of March我方可在三月十日前向“东风”轮预订舱位。

    7.The causes for this delay of shipment were beyond our control.延误装运的原因非我方所能控制。

    8.We have not yet received your shipping advice Please let us know whether shipment has been effected.我方至今未收到装船通知,请告知是否已经装船。

    9. Shipment must be made within the prescribed time limit-as further extension will not be-considered装船期必须限于预定的日期,再次展期将不予考虑。

    10.How much do you charge for the transportation of the goods?你们运输这些货物收费多少?

    11.Freight charges and insurance premiums for container- shipped goods are generally lower than those for goods not  shipped in containers.集装箱装运的货物运费及保险费一般均低于不用集装箱装运的货物。

    12.Delivery had to be put off due to the strike of the workers  at the port.由于港口工人罢工,交货只好推迟。

    13. We forwarded you byairmail a full set ofnon-negotiable  documents immediately after the goods were loaded.货物装船后我们马上航空寄给你方一整套装运单据副本。

    14. The most common types of containers are open top Containers,dry containers,ventilated containers,refrigerated Containers,bulk containers and flat racks最常见的集装箱有开顶集装箱、干货集装箱、通风集装箱、冷冻集装箱、散货集装箱和框架集装箱。


    1.I wonder if we can make payment for this order by Documentary collection?不知道这份订单我们能否用跟单托收的方式付款?

    2. To be on the safe side,we insist on payment by letter of credit.为安全起见,我们坚持信用证付款方式。

    3. If you agree to accept D/Pwe could compromise on other terms.如果你们同意接受付款交单的话,其他条件方面我们可以做些让步。

    4.Payment is to beeffected by a100%confirmedirrevocable letter of credit payable by draft at sight付款采用100%保兑不可撤销、凭即期汇票支付的信用证。

    5. Please open an L/C without any delay to facilitate our early shipment.请立即开立信用证以便我们早日装运。

    6. We’ll open an irrevocable letter of credit in your favor within10 days from the date of the contract.从合同签订之日起十天内,我们将开出以你方为受益人的不可撤销的信用证。

    7.Well send remittance to cover the 200 digital camcorders under Contract No. 2345.我们将汇款以支付2345号合同项下的200台数码摄像机。

    8. If you fail to open the covering L/C in timewe shall have the right to terminate the contract如果你们不能及时开立有关信用证,我们将有权中止合同。

    9.The amount in your L/C appears insufficient.Pleaseincrease the amount by 300 euros.你们信用证中的金额不足,请增加金额300欧元。

    10.Owing to the delay on the manufacturerspart we have to request you to extend the L/C to the 15th of this month.由于厂家的延误,我们不得不要求你们将信用证展期到本月15 日。


    1. The buyers should cover insurance themselves.


    2. We will arrange insurance on your behalf.


    3. We shall take out insurance at this end under open policy


    4.Insurance is to be effected by the Sellers for 110% of the

    invoice value against All Risks and War Risk as per the

    relevant Ocean Marine Cargo Clause of the Peoples Insurance Company of China dated Jan.11981保险由卖方按发票金额的110%办理,根据中国人民保险公司1981年1月1日的《海洋运输货物保险条款》投保一切险和战争险。

    5. We have covered the goods against WPA and TPND


    6. We shall insure the shipment for 10% above the invoice


    7.Please take out insurance on this lot for the invoice value

    plus 10%.请按发票金额的110%为这批货投保。

    8.Since the premium varies with the extent of insurance extra

    premium is for buyer’s account should additional risks be



    9. The cargo is to be insured warehouse to warehouse.


    10. The cover is subject to a franchise of 5%.



    1. We would be very pleased to act as your agent if your terms

    and conditions are right.如果你们的条件合适,我们将很乐意做你们的代理。

    2.We have decided to entrust you with the sole agency for our

    Black Tea in the territory of Egypt.我们已决定委任你们为代理,在埃及地区经营我们的红茶。

    3. We have decided to appoint you as our agent in your


    4.We think it premature for us to discuss the question of

    agency at the present stage.我们认为现在讨论代理问题为时过早。

    5. This particular line has already been taken by


    6. We have already been represented in your area by


    7.What's the annual order you can guarantee?


    8. What's the annual order you can do?


    9.What about the rate of commission you want to charge?


    10. A minimum of 3% on sales and a monthly sum of US$

    4.000 for expenses.最少为销售额的3%,外加每月开支费用4000美元。

    11. We’d like to have your detailed plan for the publicity


    12. May we have a reasonable amount from you for publicity?


    13.Sales Promotion should be part of your overheads and be

    taken from your commission促销费用属于经营性开支,该从你们的佣金中支付。

    成交Conclusion Of Business常用句子

    1. Will you please check up the particulars and see if everything is in order?请你看一下是否各条款都无差错,好吗?

    2. I'm glad we have concluded a successful transaction through

    our negotiations.很高兴我们的谈判终于达成了协议。

    3. It contains basically all we have agreed upon during our

    negotiations. No more questions on our part合同包含了我们在谈判当中所同意的各个基本点,我方没有问题了。

    4.I hope this will mark the beginning of long and stable

    business relations between us.我希望这标志着我们之间长期稳定的业务关系的开始。

    5. Is there anything else you’d like to bring up for discussion?


    6. We will send the contract to your hotel for you to sign


    7. We will airmail the contract to you within the next week


    8. Allow me to repeat the main points that we have agreed


    9. Do you want to make any change in the contract?


    10. Our principle is that contracts are honored and commercial

    integrity is maintained我们的原则是要遵守合同,维护商业信誉。

    SWIFT Letter Of Credit SWIFT信用证常用句子

    1.SWIFT, formed in Brussels Belgium in 1973is a not-for

    profit international cooperative organization for the

    transmission of financial transaction messages SWIFT1973年成立于比利时的布鲁塞尔,是一家传递金融交易信息的非营利性国际合作组织。

    2.All our branches that have permission to offer foreign

    currency services are now connected to the SWIFT system

    which greatly improved the speed of foreign currency



    3.SWIFT message transmission is controlled by user's code

    and password so as to ensure its safety SWIFT的信息传递是通过用户代号及密码控制以确保它的安全性。

    4. SWIFT code is just like the bank’s ID SWIFT代号就像银行的身份证。

    5. SWIFT system requires all L/C messages to be structured in

    a uniform and standardized format SWIFT 体系要求所有信用证的信息结构采用统一标准化的格式。

    6. SWIFT L/C texts are composed of fields some of which are

    mandatory such as“date of expiry”and some of which are

    optional such as“maximum credit amount”SWIFT信用证的文本由项目构成,其中有些项目是必选的,如“有效期”。而有些项目是可选的,如“信用证最大金额”。

    7.At present most of the banks in China are members of


    8.The cost of SWIFT is only about 18% of that of telex for

    same amount of texts.对于相同数量的文本.SWIFT的费用大约只有电传的18%。

    9. Banks advising credits issued through SWIFT should ensure

    in accordance with SWIFT rules that the appropriate UCP

    incorporation clause was included in the credit advice sent to

    the beneficiary


    10. SWIFT User Handbook states that L/Cs transmitted through

    SWIFT are automatically subject to ICCUCP50SWIFT用户手册中规定以SWIFT传递的信用证自动地受国际商会《跟单信用证统一惯例500》的约束。


    1. Here is the receipt for the remittance这是汇款收据。

    2.First, we have to check the signature,and then make a

    transfer from your account.首先我们要核对印鉴,然后从你的账户中转账。

    3.I have to check the list of our correspondent banks in the

    area and locate a convenient drawer bank我要查一查在那个地区的代理行名单,选一家方便的付款行。

    4.Would you please find out if there is a money transfer for

    Mrs. Smith from Canada?请查一查有没有一笔加拿大来的史密斯夫人的汇款?

    5.Can you tell me when the amount was credited to my


    6. We haven’t made the credit entry yet because the account

    No. given in the payment order differs from yours.我们还没有入账,因为付款通知中给的账号和你的账号不符。

    7. You’d better ask the remitting bank to authorize us to credit

    your new account.你最好请汇款行授权我们贷记你的新账户。

    8. If your money is remitted through a bank with which we keep

    account relations, you could get the money much sooner.


    9. As for telegraphic transfer from U.S. A.it takes about one

    or two days to get here,as for mail transfer more than a week


    10. How much do you charge for sending a telegraphic transfer to London.发一笔电汇到伦敦,你们收费多少?

    信用调查Credit Investigation常用句子

    1.Please furnish us with a report on the reputation and financial status of this company


    2. Please supply confidentially up-to-date information of the

    firm including its capital composition and total assets


    3. The information will be kept in strict confidence and without

    any responsibility on your part该信息将严格保密并且你方不负任何责任。

    4.The reference they have given us is Barclays Bank PLC

    London. Please contact it for all the information we require


    5. If necessary, we can provide first class reference


    6. The ABC company has given us your name as reference.

    ABC 公司提供你方为资信备询人。

    7. Any information that you may give us will be regarded as

    Strictly confidential.你们提供的任何信息我们都将严格保密。

    8.We have received from our correspondent bank the

    information you require我们已从代理行处收到你方所需的信息。

    9. As far as we know they are of sound financial standing


    10. As to our credit standing,please refer to the Bank of

    China,Shandong Branch,which will undoubtedly give you

    satisfactory references.关于我们的信用情况,请向中国银行山东省分行查询。该行一定会向你提供满意的资信证明。

    At Guangzhou Fair广交会上常用句子

    1. But wouldn’t you like to spend an extra day or two here at

    the Guangzhou Fair?你们不愿意在广交会多待一天吗?

    2.We’ve arranged our schedule without any trouble.


    3.I wonder if it is possible to arrange shopping for us.


    4. We really wish you’ll have a pleasant stay here.


    5. May I know the purpose of holding such an exhibition?


    6. You'll know our products better after this visit.


    7. We are thinking of expanding into the Chinese market


    8.Though the floor space of the exhibitions is somewhat

    smaller than the original plan,yet the quality of the present

    Expo is higher than the previous ones.


    9.You may be interested in some of the items.


    10. Expo is an excellent opportunity to show a country to the


    11. May I have your latest catalogue s or something about your



    新产品介绍Introduction Of A New Product

    1. All these articles are best selling lines.


    2.First of all I will outline the characteristics of our product.首先我将简略说明我们商品的特性。

    3. This is our most recently developed product.


    4. I'm really positive that this product has all the features you wanted.我确信这种产品有各种你所要的款式。

    5.Our product is competitive in the international market


    6. Our product is lower priced than the competitor’s.


    7.Would you mind my recommending some Suzhou made pure

    silk to you?


    8. Many customers have high comments on it.


    9. You know teddy bears are very popular here


    10. Our products are of superior quality and favorable prices


    见到老客户Meeting With An Old Customer实用句子

    1 I would like to pay a visit to your company


    2. It's a great pleasure of us to have you over.


    3. I hope we can get better understanding by talking in person


    4. I think you’ll have a better understanding of our company

    after your visit.我想访问我们公司后,你能更好地了解我们公司。

    5. I want to have a talk with you about the plan.What time

    would be convenient for you?我想跟你讨论一下这个计划,你什么时候方便?

    6. It's very considerate of you to make all the arrangement

    for me.你为我作的安排真是太周到了。

    7. Though the trade in the past was to the satisfaction of both

    Sides there are chances for further development.


    8.We trade on the principle of equality and mutual benefit


    9. Now I'd like to have some information about your range of


    10. The purpose of my visit to Beijing is to talk business on one hand and to see our old friends on the other.


    找工作Job Hunting实用句子

    1. Can you sell yourself within two minutes? Go for it.


    2. Since my graduation from the college three years ago,I have

    been employed in a four-star hotel as an accountant.


    3. My major is computer science when I was in the university

    and I have been in a computer software company for the last

    six years and worked as a computer engineer


    4.I am just leaving school,and I am 22 and my major is

    international trade. I have had two years’ part-time

    experience in an export company


    5. How many hours do you work per week?


    6. How much can a salesman expect per month?


    7. The income depends on sales achievements.


    8. Do you provide a dormitory?


    9. No,the employees must have their own places to stay.But

    we'll provide a housing allowance.


    10.Do you often work overtime?



    1. We've received your application and I’d like to go over a

    few of the details.


    2. Could you give me a summary of your current job?


    3.I have been working as a junior clerk for two years.Tobe

    specific,I answer phone calls,type letters,arrange conferences and things like that.


    4.What contribution did you make to your current(previous


    5.I have finished four new projects and I am sure I can apply

    my experience to this position.


    6. How would your friends or colleagues describe you?


    7.They say I’m an honest,friendly and determined person.


    8.Can you tell me some of your strengths and weaknesses?


    9. Why did you leave your last job?


    10. My reason for leaving the company is that I wish to get into

    the financing business.


    11. I left that advertising company three years ago because the

    work they gave me was rather dull.


    12. If hired, when could you start work?


    13. I can start at the beginning of next month


    14. You have the job.Welcome aboard.


    祝贺升职Congratulations On Promotion实用句子

    1.Mary, many congratulations on your promotion


    2. It was really great to hear about your recent promotion


    3.Allow me to express my heartiest congratulations on your



    4. Please accept my sincere congratulations.


    5. I'd like to be the first to congratulate you on your



    6. I've always admired your work very much.


    7.I appreciate your remarks but I honestly don’t think it was

    anything to shout about.


    8. I owe it all to my friends who helped me so much.


    9. Oh,you’re exaggerating. I played only a small part in the

    whole thing.


    10. You’re very kind,but really anyone else could do it.


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